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Bolstar Sensatica F1

Solanum lycopersicum
  • Deliciously sweet, semi-long life plum tomato
  • Suitable for polytunnel production and slightly heated greenhouses
  • The plum-shaped fruits weigh about 80 gm
  • Very good flavor especially compared with other ‘Roma’ tomatoes
  • The tomatoes have an excellent shelf life, both on the plant and after harvesting
  • Produces large trusses with about 12 juicy fruits
  • Can be harvested loose with or without calyxes
  • Also suitable for harvesting on the truss with 6 fruits.
  • Very long vine and shelf life
  • Intermediate resistance against mildew
  • Truly a taste sensation!
  • Resistance (HR): Ff:A-E / ToMV:0-2 / Va:0 / Vd:0 / Fol:0,1 / For
  • Resistance (IR): On
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Brands: DeBolster