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Green Hokkaido

Cucurbita maxima
  • Winter Squash variety Green Hokkaido has green fruits with yellow-orange pulp.
  • The majority of the fruits weighs between 1.0 and 1.5 kg and have a diameter of 15 cm.
  • The green fruits taste at least as good as the orange varieties, but are a little less long storable.
  • Tastes delicious in soups or other dishes.
  • The plants have relatively long vines.
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Additional Information

After sowing, do not give the seeds too much water and make sure the soil is well fertilized. Sowing is done preferably at a soil temperature of >20oC. To prevent mice from eating the seeds, it is recommended to put a pot upside down over the seeds. Remove the pot after a week. Pay attention, mice are really fond of pumpkin seeds. It is important to harvest the pumpkins before temperatures drop below 0oC, when the leaves are withered and the stem is dry. The pumpkins will be preserved best when surroundings are dry and not too cold.